OSHA has recently provided that employers are not required to notify other employees if one of their coworkers contracts COVD-19. However, to guard themselves against potential citations, employers should still take steps to protect their employees from exposure to the coronavirus.

If an employee does get COVID-19, steps employers may take in response to the confirmed case include the following:

  • Cleaning and disinfecting the work environment.
  • Notifying other workers to monitor themselves for symptoms of COVID-19.
  • Implement a screening program in the workplace for signs/symptoms of COVID-19 among workers.

Additionally, the CDC recommends that if an employee gets COVID-19, employers should determine which other employees may have been exposed to the virus and inform them of their possible exposure. However, employers should follow confidentiality guidelines provided under ADA and any other relevant federal, state, and local laws. These laws and regulations provide guidance on what information may be shared and proper disclosure methods.

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