Our firm operates seven offices across the Midwest, including in Illinois, Missouri, Indiana, and Wisconsin. While our Firm’s brick and mortar presence may be regional, our OSHA Practice operates on a national level, servicing clients anywhere in the US.  This is possible due to the fact that nearly every OSHA inspection can be managed by telephone and/or email, and every OSHA case is handled by telephone and/or email except for trials.  So regardless of where your business is located, we can help you, and we can do it efficiently.

Please call us toll free from anywhere in the United States at (312) 894-3322 or contact us online today.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

“The OSHA attorneys at Amundsen Davis are extremely knowledgeable, and they have always helped us achieve favorable outcomes in our OSHA matters.”

-Matt S., Construction Company Owner
“They have helped us through some serious OSHA issues, and they have the knowledge and experience to get the job done!”

-Jesse A., Risk & Safety Director for Construction Company
“Matt and his team provide value add, readily-available advice on OSHA issues whenever we need their help. They understand challenges employers face and are an excellent partner if you’re looking for advice, training, or anything to do with OSHA compliance.”

-Linda P., Executive Director, Logistics & Warehousing Company