The most important thing that can be done to reduce your OSHA exposure is to effectively manage the inspection.  In that regard, it is easier to avoid citations altogether than it is to have citations vacated once they are issued.  That means ensuring that the OSHA inspector follows all policies and rules when conducting the inspection, and properly asserting your rights during an inspection when necessary.  From the opening conference to the walk-around to document requests to employee interviews to the closing conference, we manage the inspection for you every step of the way, taking the stress and guesswork out of an OSHA inspection and effectively limiting your OSHA exposure.


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Ensure that the OSHA inspector follows all policies and rules when conducting the inspection.

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Assert your company’s rights during an inspection when necessary.

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Evaluate whether OSHA has a proper basis for conducting an inspection, and if not, preventing the inspection altogether.

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Coordinate the opening conference, ensuring that all appropriate personnel is involved and that the scope of the inspection is properly limited.

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Manage the walk-around portion of the inspection to ensure that OSHA inspector does not expand the scope of the inspection, does not obtain an proprietary information, and otherwise acts properly.

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Prepare employees for their interviews by advising them of their rights, attend employee interviews, and conduct exit interviews when applicable to evaluate potential citation exposure.

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Handle all requests for information and documentation, analyzing each request, as well as all responsive to documentation, to ensure that OSHA is only provided the appropriate information and documentation.

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Attend the closing conference, questioning proposed citations and explaining the company’s position with regard to the citations and settlement.

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Our goal is to minimize the risk of litigation for our clients by helping them proactively implement proper safety programs, counseling them on OSHA compliance issues, guiding them through OSHA inspections, and, when necessary, litigating OSHA citations.