OSHA Attorneys

Matt Horn OSHA Legal

Matthew Horn

Partner & Chair

As chair of the OSHA Practice Group, Matt oversees a team ensuring that clients in all industries are in compliance with the applicable OSHA regulations. When OSHA issues arise, Matt and his team represent clients at all stages, from the initiation of an inspection through the litigation of citations. Matt’s goal with an OSHA inspection is to avoid the issuance of citations altogether, but when citations are issued, he has the experience, knowledge, and credibility needed to resolve them in the best way possible.

Matt is a proven advocate for his clients, and his practical and competitive nature allows him to achieve success both in and out of the courtroom, as well as positive outcomes for his clients at all stages in their OSHA matters. His creative and thoughtful approach to business and legal issues, coupled with his experience and intimate knowledge of the construction and general industry fields, allow him to serve as a trusted and effective adviser to his clients.

Jeff Risch

Jeffrey A. Risch


Jeff’s practice is entirely devoted to management-side labor and employment law. In his practice, Jeff handles both employment and traditional labor law matters with a keen understanding of navigating employers successfully through OSHA Whistleblower claims and related controversies.  Jeff also provides 24/7 counseling to clients throughout the United States when labor unions or other third parties make complaints to OSHA about alleged unsafe work conditions, and is prepared to take necessary action to counter such tactics.

David Johnson

David A. Johnson


David is proficient in OSHA emergency response, compliance and appeals. He presents webinars and seminars and authors articles on OSHA’s regulations with an emphasis on those impacting the crane industry.  In an effort to better understand the technical aspects of the crane and rigging industry, David became a Certified Rigger/Signalperson with extensive training in the crane and rigging disciplines.  He defends crane, rigging, and other clients in OSHA cases around the country.  He has represented clients in OSHA investigations following fatalities in Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, Kansas, and Oklahoma.

Michael Hughes

Michael F. Hughes


Mike counsels employers on labor relations, including compliance with federal and state statutes and regulations regarding Title VII, the Americans with Disabilities Act, the National Labor Relations Act, and OSHA Whistleblower claims. He represents employers facing litigation in such matters, and also counsels his clients through OSHA whistleblower and related investigations.

Timm Schowalter

Timm W. Schowalter


When OSHA knocks ….they are not there to provide your business with friendly advice. Timm brings over 25 years of experience in representing businesses of all sizes before and when OSHA knocks. Timm has a comprehensive skill set aimed at assisting employers in successfully navigating the perilous OSHA waters including drafting effective health and safety policies and training programs, assisting with emergency OSHA site inspections and investigations, serving as a strong advocate during informal settlement conference, litigating citations before Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission, and defending whistleblower claims.  Timm’s aggressive yet pragmatic approach allows him to be a trusted and effective advocate for his clients. 

Jack T. Sanker


Jack is an aggressive litigator with an eye towards dispute resolution. If a citation has obvious merit, he believes it should be resolved as quickly and as efficiently as possible, but when no resolution can be reached, clients appreciate his vigorous and aggressive approach to litigating OSHA citations.

Kimberly A. Herring


Kim’s competitive drive dates back to her days as a collegiate hockey First Team All-American and Player of the Year. She brings the lessons learned from those days to her no-nonsense representation of her clients in their OSHA matters.  Whether she is managing an on-going OSHA inspection, handling an informal conference, or taking a case to trial, her goal is to obtain the best outcome possible for the client.

Michael F. Cocciemiglio


Before becoming an attorney, Mike worked in his family’s logistics and warehousing business.  That experience gave him a unique perspective with regard to the various regulatory issues faced by all businesses in general industry.  That perspective makes him an especially effective adviser when a client is faced with an OSHA inspection or litigating OSHA citations.