OSHA Legal Services for the Manufacturing Industry

The manufacturing industry faces unique challenges when it comes to safety and OSHA, given the serious hazards present and the expansive and integrated nature of many general industry facilities.  We have the industry background and experience to help you face these challenges.  Whether your goal is to prevent an OSHA inspection altogether, manage an inspection already underway, or evaluate OSHA citations received, we can help.

We are intimately familiar with the OSHA General Industry Standards (1910 Standards) and the common safety/OSHA hazards and pitfalls at these facilities, having handled countless inspections and citations dealing with guarding, lock-out/tag-out, fall protection, powered industrial trucks, PPE (hardhats, safety glasses, steel toe boots, etc.), HAZCOM, respiratory hazards (silica, lead, chromium, etc.), electrical exposures, confined space, and document management and retention, and can help you navigate those issues.


Service Highlight 1

Evaluate company’s safety program and OSHA-related policies

Service Highlight 2

Develop and implement company’s OSHA inspection procedure

Service Highlight 3

Assess company’s commonly-encountered safety hazards

Service Highlight 4

Evaluate employee injuries to determine whether reportable or not

Service Highlight 5

Manage OSHA inspections

Service Highlight 6

Review and evaluate OSHA citations

Service Highlight 7

Negotiate resolution of OSHA citations

Service Highlight 8

Identify appropriate citation abatement

Service Highlight 9

Contest and litigate OSHA citations

For help with manufacturing-related OSHA matters, please call (312) 894-3322 to speak with an OSHA attorney.

Our clients manufacture everything from printing paper, to salty snacks, to industrial machinery. Our knowledge and experience in multiple practice areas enable us to handle the various issues that arise in each industry. We serve both large multinational companies and local enterprises with the goal of contributing to the long-term value and strategic growth of each business.