Assisting With Crisis Management

Crisis come in many forms, from accidents and fatalities, to employee relations issues, to negative social media and news coverage. When crisis hits, we manage it for you, and utilize our network of partners and experts, including those in the field of public relations, to ensure that all proactive measures are taken and your business is protected.


Service Highlight 1

Provide immediate evaluation of the crisis.

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Secure information and protect attorney/client privilege so information garnered is free from access by outside parties.

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Report to and coordinate with all interested stakeholders.

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Gather and preserve evidence.

Service Highlight 5

Coordinate, manage, and respond to all media inquiries, drafting a written response as needed.

Service Highlight 6

Take all steps necessary to protect your company’s interests, including exercising all legal options, such as moving for a restraining order or filing a lawsuit as applicable.

For help with Crisis Management, please call (312) 894-3322 to speak with an OSHA attorney.

Our goal is to minimize the risk of litigation for our clients by helping them proactively implement proper safety programs, counseling them on OSHA compliance issues, guiding them through OSHA inspections, and, when necessary, litigating OSHA citations.