When serious accidents and fatalities occur, we assist with the aftermath, ensuring that the situation is handled properly and in a way that limits your company’s legal exposure.  Our emergency response team provides experienced, proactive counsel, skilled in a wide range of issues, to coordinate responses to catastrophic incidents. Our emergency assistance program offers clients the direct physical presence, support, and perspective that these situations demand.


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Provide immediate evaluation of the accident and its cause.

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Secure information and evidence, and protect the attorney/client privilege so information garnered is free from access by outside parties.

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Determine whether the accident needs to be reported to OSHA, and if so, report to and coordinate with OSHA and any other applicable agencies.

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Reconstruct the scene and determine what occurred.

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Acquire information from first responders, local law enforcement, and witnesses.

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Oversee the accident investigation, while at the same time, keeping the conclusions of the investigation privileged to the extent possible.

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Take all steps necessary to protect your company’s interests.

For help with MANAGING WORKPLACE ACCIDENT INVESTIGATIONS, please call (312) 894-3322 to speak with an OSHA attorney.

Our goal is to minimize the risk of litigation for our clients by helping them proactively implement proper safety programs, counseling them on OSHA compliance issues, guiding them through OSHA inspections, and, when necessary, litigating OSHA citations.