At our core, we are litigation attorneys.  When disputes arise between parties, we advocate for our clients and do whatever needs to be done to obtain the best outcome possible.  Litigating OSHA citations is no different.  If citations are issued and no settlement is reached, we contest the citations on your behalf and litigate them as needed, responding to the formal OSHA complaint, issuing discovery, taking depositions, filing dispositive motions, and going to trial.  We have litigated many OSHA cases, and know most of the OSHA attorneys and judges well, building a strong reputation with both over the years. Whether you are concerned about the proposed abatement, the fines, the classification of the citations, or the citations in their entirety, we work with you to identify all of your defenses and craft a personalized, comprehensive plan to bring the litigation to a successful end. 


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Evaluate and analyze the citations, identifying the merits—or lack thereof—of the citations.

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Work with you to identify and assert all potential fact-based defenses to the citations.

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Research OSHA case law and other guidance to identify and assert all potential legal-based defenses to the citations.

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Formulate an personalized, comprehensive strategy and plan with you to assert all viable defenses and defeat the citations.

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Handle the case from commencement to completion—from contesting the citations, to filing pleadings, to conducting discovery, to taking depositions, to filing dispositive motions, to preparing for trial and trying the case—all while providing you with timely reports on the progress of, and developments in, the case.

For help with CONTESTING AND LITIGATING OSHA CITATIONS, please call (312) 894-3322 to speak with an OSHA attorney.

Our goal is to minimize the risk of litigation for our clients by helping them proactively implement proper safety programs, counseling them on OSHA compliance issues, guiding them through OSHA inspections, and, when necessary, litigating OSHA citations.