Resolving Employee and Union Complaints

In our experience, many complaints regarding safety and OSHA issues involve a genuinely concerned or disgruntled employee, former employee or union agent.  Knowing the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) and developing labor law through the lens of the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), our experienced team of employment and traditional labor law attorneys are positioned well to effectively manage the employment relationship or deal with the union.  We find that those who bring forth complaints are sometimes mistaken or do not have all of the facts.  Establishing internal complaint mechanisms that encourage employees or former employees to report issues to management is often a good practice.  We also understand that certain individuals and third parties may have ill motives altogether.  We carefully identify any ulterior motive and use our knowledge to counter false or misleading complaints with final resolution of the controversy in mind.

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Our goal is to minimize the risk of litigation for our clients by helping them proactively implement proper safety programs, counseling them on OSHA compliance issues, guiding them through OSHA inspections, and, when necessary, litigating OSHA citations.